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Overview of this Service

Irish Credit Bureau D.A.C (ICB) retains, on its database, information relating to the credit history of individuals and corporate entities. This information is provided to ICB by its member financial institutions and is recorded "as-provided" without change.

Under the terms of the Data Protection Act 2018, individuals and corporate entities may obtain a copy of all information held on ICB's database in their regard. This copy of information is called a "Credit Report".

The following terms and conditions relate specifically to the online request for a Credit Report facility available on ICB's website (www.icb.ie).

Terms and Conditions

  1. Requesting a Credit Report
    1. Each request for a Credit Report is free of charge (provided it is not manifestly unfounded or excessive).
    2. If you have not borrowed at the Current Address, you may be asked by subsequent correspondence for documentary proof of your residence at this address. An accepted document is one of the following:
      • Utility bill (i.e. electricity, telephone, gas, cable tv etc.)
      • Bank or building society account statement
      • Mortgage statement
      • Social Welfare document
      • Tax notice from the Revenue Commissioners
      • House / Motor Insurance Certificate
    3. To ensure that you receive a Credit Report containing all available financial information, you must supply all known previous and other addresses used in relation to financial transactions.

  2. Processing a Credit Report Request
    1. Following online submission of your Credit Report request, it typically takes up to 5 working days to process your request and post your Credit Report. However, if proof of your residence at your Current Address is required, please be aware that additional time will be required to obtain and process this. Similarly, if any other correspondence is required to process your request, an additional delay will be involved.
    2. A Credit Report will be posted to the address entered in the "Current Address" fields.

  3. Queries regarding a Credit Report
    1. Your Credit Report will be assigned a unique Reference Number. Please quote this Reference Number in any subsequent query you may have.
    2. Following receipt of your Credit Report, you may contact ICB on +353-(0)1-2600389 if you have any queries in relation to its contents.
      ICB has a responsibility to ensure that the data held on its systems is confidential at all times. This requirement prevents ICB staff from discussing any aspect of an individual's credit history prior to that individual's receipt of an ICB Credit Report.
      Please review the explanations provided on the Credit Report and the explanatory content on ICB's website (www.icb.ie) prior to contacting us.

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